What is Relax Chattanooga?

Our renovated luxury penthouse apartment is located on the 2nd Floor, above Good Fortune Soap and Spa in a historic building.

Where is Relax Chattanooga located?

2644 Broad Street, Suite 202, Chattanooga, TN 37408. We are located above Good Fortune Soap & Spa. 

We are located in the Southside District of Chattanooga on Broad Street, directly in between the Aquarium waterfront area and Lookout Mountain. It is an easy 3-minute drive in either direction.

We are only one mile from Main Street, a hip area of downtown with restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Lookout Mountain has major tourist attractions as well as spectacular hiking trails. 

Can you walk to anything?

The short answer is no. It is best to have your car or uber. You can walk to the convenience store or fast food, but nothing too exciting. There is a jogging trail on the riverwalk close by for those who like to exercise.

Getting around Chattanooga

Free shuttle bus

The electric shuttle picks up and runs from the Choo-Choo to the Aquarium in the downtown area. Visit Gocarta.org.

Bike rentals

Visit bikechattanooga.com and find a bike location to pick up and drop off for about $8 a day. The "Middle St" station is about 1 mile away behind Taco Bell on Broad Street.

Uber or Lyft

A car is normally the best way to get around. We recommend driving or calling a car service when exploring.

Where to park

Choose: Any spaces in the back parking lot (2 for each apartment) or unlimited street parking. If parking at ACE Hardware, please give their customers the front/side spots closet to their front door. 

Where do we all sleep?

The four bedrooms are on the outer corners, and the common spaces are in the center.

One cool feature is the huge pocket door to the left of the kitchen. It can be left open, or it can be closed and divides the apartment into two suites: the Broad St. Suite and King & Queen Suite. If half of your group wants to go to bed early, then they can sleep on the Broad St. side, close the door, and the rest of the group can stay up in the kitchen and main living area side of the King & Queen. We also love this feature for families with kids.

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Is it private?

If the entire penthouse is reserved at once, yes, it is entirely private. If you choose to reserve a smaller suite during the week, then the rooftop deck may be shared between guests! We have plenty of room for social distancing on the deck.

Do you have an elevator?

No, it's stairs all the way. This building is old, so you will need to be able to climb stairs. Some think it’s much easier than others, so you can view images. I personally do it all the time, and don’t mind the exercise.

Is the area safe?

Like most area’s downtown there is a mix of characters on every street. We are in a gorgeous historic building on a well-lit street, and we feel extremely safe and content here. We do recommend you lock your car and take valuables inside. Our neighborhood is rapidly redeveloping, so there is mix or low-income housing next to high-income housing, and we respect all of our neighbors equally. 

City noise & guest noise

City noise from Broad Street happens from time to time, as cities are always on 24/7. We’ve provided sound machines, black out curtains, and old school earplugs if you’re a light sleeper. The middle and back of the house are typically quieter during all hours.

There is a lovely spa downstairs, which means a quiet and calm atmosphere. Our name is “Relax Chattanooga”, so please NO kids running or jumping and NO super load music playing during spa hours.

IF you have a neighbor (pertaining to the 2 smaller suites), then please respect their space by keeping the noise level to “fun”, not “loud fun”. The same goes for roof top deck, they can hear you up there when you’re loud.

What all is supplied in the kitchen?

We have everything from pots, pans, plates, blender, olive oil, and even some popcorn for snack time. We supply a coffee maker, coffee grounds, powdered creamer, sugar, and herbal teas. The entire penthouse has a coffee maker that can use k-cups or ground coffee in case you want to bring your own.

What is it close to?

  • Chattanooga Market (0.9 miles away)
  • Southside Social (0.8 miles away)
  • Chattanooga Brewing Co. (0.9 miles away)
  • Chattanooga Choo Choo (1.3 miles away)
  • Tennessee Aquarium (2.2 miles away)
  • Coolidge Park (3 miles away)
  • Ruby Falls (2.8 miles away)
  • Point Park (5.5 miles away)

A few yummy places we like to eat & drink close by

  • Boccaccia Restaurant (upscale, super close)
  • Public House Restaurant (local, southern)
  • State of Confusion (unique, lots of seating)
  • Common Table (families, playground)
  • 1885 Grill (coastal, patio/music)
  • Mean Mug (breakfast, lunch, coffee)
  • Mellow Mushroom (my favorite pizza)
  • Maple Street Biscuit (vegetarian gravy)

Things to do in Chattanooga


Good Fortune Soap & Spa has numerous family friendly activities and are open 7 days a week. Call 423-473-6727 to book a facial, massage, or candle making experience. Shop their handmade goods for a souvenir.

Southside Chattanooga

Main Street is 1 mile away and has SO many great restaurants and bars to hop around to. Park at the Choo-Choo area, and you'll find tons of late-night activities and entertainment as well as food, coffee, and chocolates you can walk to.

Northshore Chattanooga

Located on the other side of the river, Northshore hosts Coolidge Park, a must see. Once there, walk across the TN River on the 1/2-mile pedestrian bridge, ride the carousel, eat, shop, drink and be merry.

Lookout Mountain

Glen Falls is only a few short miles from us. Download "Alltrails" and search the many great trails nearby. See Ruby Falls, Rock City, and the Incline.

Can we decorate the house?


Only use supplied hangers and hooks on the wall. LIST OF NO-NOs.

  • No tape on walls.
  • No push pins or nails on walls.
  • No glitter or confetti. 
  • No real candles or open flames. 
  • No fireworks on roof deck. 

What are the house rules?

  • No smoking (of anything) inside
  • No drug use
  • No parties or events
  • No animals allowed
  • No tape on walls or confetti/glitter (see decorating help above)
  • 3 guests max + no overnight guests
  • Keep noise at a minimal level at all times
  • No make up stains on towels or linens
  • Be considerate of hot water usage for other guests and the planet

Check out to-do

  • Checkout is prior to 11 am
  • Gather up and DISPOSE of your trash (use the trash cans in the parking lot)
  • Leave beds UNMADE. We'll pull sheets, etc...
  • Place all USED towels in a pile on the bathroom floor
  • Collect DISHES. Either load the dishwasher or leave dirty dishes in the sink
  • Please take or throw away any LEFTOVERS (garbage disposal in kitchen sink)
  • Sanitize anything you feel would put us in danger such as bodily fluids
  • Lock exterior doors (have a great trip home!!)


Built in 1900, this building has housed more businesses than I know. It has been a dime store, grocery store, wine store, ballet studio, art gallery, and now a spa with a short-term rental. The building is a rock-solid brick and limestone structure that had five fireplaces, a coal shoot in the basement for heat, and got deliveries by horse and buggy on the front of the store. So crazy, right? 

See the Wine of Cardui sign on the building and cart that says, "Are you a woman"? I've heard it was the 1st medicine made by Chattanooga Medicine Company, which is now called Chattem. It was a PMS cure for delicate women. Here's an interesting article on how it was advertised. 

I gutted the penthouse in 2019 and built Relax Chattanooga to be an exclusive Airbnb Resort. A few years later we had to stucco the exterior and cover the sign due to the age of the bricks and preserve the integrity of the structure. We are so grateful to own this gorgeous building and to host a relaxing luxury penthouse above a gorgeous spa for you to enjoy.